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Physical and Occupational Therapy

The therapists at Neuro Therapy Nashville provide private one-on-one sessions in an outpatient clinic setting. These sessions are usually 1-2 hours long,  2-3 times a week. All physical and occupational therapists are trained in the Neuro-IFRAH® Approach and each therapist has their own area of specialty.
The therapists collaborate with each other as well as with the patient and family members to create an individualized treatment plan to help achieve maximal benefit. We may meet patients in their homes, the community, and clinic setting depending on need.

SPEECH Therapy

Speech therapy at Neuro Therapy Nashville is also provided in a private one-on-one setting. Sessions are usually 1 hour long and 1-2 times a week. At Neuro Therapy Nashville we strive to bring creativity and a think outside the box approach to speech therapy. We use an interdisciplinary and collaborative approach with the other team members with a focus on improving function in real-life and day to day activities. Your speech therapist may meet with you in the clinic, in the community, or home, depending on your specific needs and goals for therapy.

therapy Intensives

During an intensive, a patient will receive five consecutive days of treatment for 3-5 hours each day. Research shows it takes thousands of repetitions to relearn a new motor skill. Through this daily immersive therapy, we use that repetition to initiate and master new movements in the stroke affected areas. Each patient’s intensive is constructed to suit their particular needs, goals, and abilities. These sessions are a great way to make big progress, helping to develop a positive and expectant mindset that the recovery process can continue.  

Yoga classes

Living with a neurological injury can be difficult. You or a loved one may experience lack of focus or concentration, anxiety, stress, over-excitability, and difficulty coping with changes. Maybe sometimes the brain and body do not seem to be functioning together like they used to, which can be frustrating and have an effect on your recovery. Healing is an ongoing process in which your brain and body need to be nourished. Yoga classes offered here at Neuro Therapy Nashville will focus on resilience, recovery, and relaxation and are tailored for both patients and caregivers. We hold monthly classes for caregivers and also for survivors! “If you can breathe, you can do yoga”. Register for a class.

Caregiver Support

One of the most underdeveloped elements of the rehabilitation process is the caregiver’s outlook and the emotional environment they provide in the patient’s recovery.  At Neuro Therapy Nashville, we have first-hand experience with this influential caregiver role. We have designed tools and instruction that help caregivers with their journey. Our program for caregivers is not merely support in a tragic situation, but an actual rethinking of tragedy; building a mental context that supports and empowers both caregivers and survivors as they journey together toward wellness. Join us for our monthly caregiver support meet-ups!

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