Book a Restorative Yoga Class

“If you can breathe, you can do yoga”

Living with a neurological injury can be difficult. You or a loved one may experience lack of focus or concentration, anxiety, stress, over-excitability, and difficulty coping with changes. Maybe sometimes the brain and body do not seem to be functioning together like they used to, which can be frustrating and have an effect on your recovery. Healing is an ongoing process in which your brain and body need to be nourished. Yoga classes offered here at Neuro Therapy Nashville will focus on resilience, recovery, and relaxation and are tailored for both patients and caregivers. We hold monthly classes tailored for both caregivers and survivors.

Survivor Yoga is the first Saturday of every month and Caregiver Yoga is the third Saturday of every month. All classes are open to participants of all abilities. Use the form below to sign up for an upcoming class.